Guiding people through a physical environment while enhancing their understanding of the space is the main focus of our wayfinding and signage services, including designing for ADA specifications.

The physical guidance and identification system within a space is referred to as wayfinding. Designed with style and ease in mind, our wayfinding systems help visitors navigate a space with the use of branded graphics, maps, symbols, and other directional tools to guide visitors to a destination. Effective wayfinding graphics help establish a strong sense of place and give visitors the ability to find their own way.

Designed to be consistent with your brand image, our wayfinding systems are developed custom for each situation. Methods of establishing location and identification can be executed in the form of wall murals, signage, or other indications of place. Signage and signage systems are developed to enhance the experience of visitors within a space, making sure information is presented in a clear manner.

Wayfinding & Signage Services

  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Map Graphics
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Interior Signage
  • Exterior & Building Signage

An example of OW|EN's ADA compliant signage designs

ADA Compliance

OW|EN is experienced in designing signage to meet ADA specifications. When designing building signage for accessibility, care must be taken to ensure signs can be read and easily interpreted, and they are installed in appropriate locations. Special consideration is needed to account for raised characters and braille translations as specified by ADA Compliance standards for residential buildings.

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