Wayfinding and branded exterior signage create a sense of place and orient tenant and visitors in this new residential space.

The Forge on Broadway started with a simple referral for our historical exhibit design capabilities and evolved into the larger branding, design and installation project that it became. A project of this size and scope includes a lot of moving parts, and coordinating and managing individual aspects of the Forge project were key.


Services Provided:
Project Management, Research & Evaluation, Design & Development, Production Management, Installation Management, Delivery Coordination

Buffalo, New York

SCG Development, SAA|EVI Development


An interior sign within The Forge Apartments designates the conference room, using raised letters and braille to meet ADA accessibility standards
A green directory sign on the second floor of The Forge Apartments guides visitors around the building

As part of the development of the overall branded space, OW|EN designed and managed the production of 353 interior signs to support the Forge on Broadway brand, including directional signage, room numbers, specialty room signs and emergency and instructional signs.

A room sign on the third floor of The Forge Apartments incorporates the building's brand identity

The typographic style used on the internal signs features tall, bold characters set in the main brand typeface. The signs were designed to be easily read, and include raised characters and ample space left for braille translations as specified by ADA Compliance standards for residential buildings.

The exterior signage at the entranceways to the Forge Apartments features lighted letters and blue accents
Large-scale exterior building signage on The Forge displays the street number of the location

Large-scale exterior signs were installed on the building, defining the space as the Forge on Broadway. The 20” illuminated aluminum letters hang on the canopies above the entryways of the building in 3 locations. With their 3” depth and blue accent, the signs compliments the colorful exterior cladding and the bold graphics used inside.

A blue directory sign on the first floor of The Forge Apartments guides visitors around the building

OW|EN was careful to consider the sizing of the exterior signage, taking into account the distance from which people view the signs when passing by – including the 24 inch tall address numbers high up on two sides of the building.

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