Adaptable trade show booth and pop-up banners help an architectural ceramics manufacturer brand any space.

OW|EN has provided many branding and marketing services for Boston Valley Terra Cotta over the past 10 years, which has included a variety of environmental design components for signage and events.

Boston Valley’s attendance at multiple trade shows throughout the year, including the AIA Convention, facilitated the need to create a unique environment that could be installed on-site to showcase their products in a 10’ x 10’ space, and then broken down and shipped.


Services Provided:
Design & Development, 3D Rendering, Production Management

Buffalo, New York


Retractable banners for use at trade shows display some of Boston Valley Terra Cotta's recent projects
The original trade show display for Boston Valley is an immersive space, showcasing terra cotta products to prospective clients

We designed and developed their first booth in 2011 as an immersive space made up on free-standing walls and a column with mounted terra-cotta panels. Mixed with 8’ high lightbox graphics, large hanging banners and movable pedestals – that double as both storage space for marketing materials and gathering points to meet with potential customers – the booth attracted perspective clients to learn more about architectural terra cotta.

One of the individual pieces of the Boston Valley trade show display, designed to be updated with new graphics when needed

This original booth concept was designed to make it easy to change and update for following years. By developing new graphics and changing out the products in-use, the booth instantly took on a fresh look for the next set of shows and events.

A 3D rendering of Boston Valley's trade show display, which pairs 4 retractable banners and custom-designed product stands to display pieces of terra cotta
Three retractable trade show banners display some of Boston Valley Terra Cotta's recent projects

Over the years, as large trade shows became less cost-effective and the client concentrated on smaller, more intimate events, portions of the modular 10” x 10” booth could still be repurposed to stand alone in a smaller space. By adding retractable pop-up banners that could be updated frequently to highlight the latest projects, Boston Valley continually had customizable options to work with in any size space.

OW|EN custom designed product stands for Boston Valley to use at trade shows, meant to display terra cotta pieces as works of art

Recently, the team at OW|EN develop a set of aluminum, custom-designed product stands meant to display individual terra-cotta pieces as works of art. Theses stands were paired with retractable pop-up banners showcasing the buildings each of the terra cotta pieces were designed for, juxtaposing the individual block in order to show scale and context.

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