Custom signage cut from steel creates an on-brand entryway for an international terra cotta manufacturer.

When Boston Valley Terra Cotta built a new front office in their factory, they wanted to create an impressive, yet welcoming reception area that also highlighted their products. OW|EN’s goal was to develop a signature wall piece that coordinated with the various terracotta products from past building projects that the client wanted to use.


Services Provided:
Design & Development, 3D Rendering, Production Management, Installation Management

Buffalo, New York


The steel-cut interior sign in Boston Valley's main lobby displays their brand and logo to visitors
A closeup of the interior signage in Boston Valley Terra Cotta's lobby showcases their logo cut out of steel

To establish their brand in the space, OW|EN designed a 48” W x 20” H version of their logo and tagline cut from steel, in which the logo mark and each individual letter was pin-mounted to project off the terra cotta wall. The craftsmanship of the sign manufacturer and detail of the installation team harmoniously matched the craftsmanship of Boston Valley’s product. Following a 2017 rebranding, this interior sign was replaced with the new logo, again cut from steel and pin-mounted to fill the same space.

A post and panel exterior sign in terra cotta red directs traffic to Boston Valley's main office

Following further growth of the factory, our team designed a set of 3’ W x 2’ H post and panel signs, rendered in the client’s brand colors, to help direct truck traffic, pointing out the loading area and the office’s main entrance. Other projects have included event branding in the form of posters and signage, and interior design renderings for a new product showroom.

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