Custom display cases highlight law enforcement tools and attire.

The Cheektowaga Police Department commissioned OW|EN to develop a museum space in their headquarters as a way of honoring their 180 years of service in Cheektowaga, and to help their community learn about local law enforcement. Our team began by outlining an initial plan for the space and then started designing, developing and installing the first two exhibits – ‘Uniforms & Equipment’ and ‘Weapon Systems’ – into existing wood and glass display cases.


Services Provided:
Research & Evaluation, Copywriting, Design & Development, Project Management, Production Management, Installation

Cheektowaga, New York

Information cards explain the details and usage of various firearms as part of the CPD law enforcement museum
Part of the CPD Firearms exhibit display, showing the various types of Pepperball ammunition

The first exhibit included 11 handguns, rifles and specialty weapons (including a taser, stun grenade and gas gun) installed with custom-designed barrel mounts that were designed to be mostly hidden, keeping the focus on the firearms. The pieces seem to float on a white birch wood back panel, printed with a screened-back technical diagram of a handgun.

The Cheektowaga PD Weapon Systems exhibit informs viewers on the different types of firearms used by law enforcement

The light-colored wood board provides the perfect contrast to the dark metal of the weapons. Small info panels are displayed alongside the guns and shelf-mounted ammo, highlighting the history and technical details of the firearms. Individual gold-colored letters were face-mounted to the case header to identify the exhibit.

The beginnings of the Cheektowaga PD law enforcement museum, consisting of two display cases arranged with uniforms and firearms
A flip up trivia card on the front of the Uniforms & Equipment display case allows viewers to interact with exhibit

The second exhibit that we designed for the CPD museum was a matching case displaying police uniforms and the equipment the officers carry. Two fully dressed mannequins highlight the differences between the uniforms of a Lieutenant and a Police Officer, and include fully-equipped belts carrying: handcuffs, batons, handguns and cartridges, flashlights, pepper spray, radios and more, totaling over 25 lbs of equipment.

A display case shows the uniforms and equipment used by the Cheektowaga Police Department, including a diagram to show the location of each item on mannequins

The case also includes a printed birch background board, visually linking it to the matching firearms case. A visual guide points out the location of each piece of equipment on the belts and additional information panels feature mounted collar brass with rank descriptions. Like the firearms display, a matching header with gold letters identifies the exhibit case.

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