Custom art installation framework for a ceramic artist.

Ceramic artist Anne Currier called upon OW|EN to assist her in meeting a tight deadline for an upcoming solo exhibition (‘Display’) at the Burchfield Penny Art Center in Buffalo, New York. She had sketched out designs for the center piece of her show that included a steel framing system that would hold hundreds of her glazed terra cotta tiles. She was looking for the assistance of expert project managers to plan and facilitate the manufacturing of the frames to meet her deadline.


Services Provided:
Development, Project Management, Production Management, Delivery Coordination

Burchfield Penney Art Center – Buffalo, New York

Ceramic artist Anne Currier's exhibit 'Display' at the Burchfield Penney gallery featured free-standing L shaped walls tiled with her panels
The framework for Anne Currier's gallery exihbit 'Display' in mid-construction, made of welded metal and plywood sheets

Starting from a drawing provided by the terra cotta manufacturer who understood the mounting and weight specifications of Currier’s ceramic tiles, OW|EN’s industrial design team outlined and planned the production of the frames. Upon approval of the specs, our welders built a set of four 77” W x 32” H frames with offset bases, attached sheets of 5/8” furniture grade plywood ‘walls’, and finished them by sanding and painting with high-performance acrylic black paint. The walls were shipped to the art gallery and bolted together into “L” formations. The artist and her team then installed a clip and track system, hanging the terra cotta panels in the artist’s pre-designed configuration.

The two L shaped freestanding walls built by OW|EN for Anne Currier's ceramics exhibit were positioned facing each other, so viewers could walk through and engage with the art

The massive framing system was completed in time for the exhibit’s opening. The two “L” shaped walls sat facing each other on the gallery floor, forming a space that viewers could walk through, engaging with the terra cotta panels. The panels featured Currier’s unique glazes that emphasize the undulating surface of the tiles, reflecting the light and shadow. With our help realizing Currier’s designs, she created an experience that changes as patrons passed through the space created by the frames.

Ceramic artist Anne Currier's exhibit 'Display' consists of a series of undulating terra cotta tiles glazed in both black and white

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