Vinyl directory signage and exterior building signage for tenants of office space.

The interior and exterior signage at the Gutman Building, a former factory in downtown Buffalo, NY refurbished into business spaces, were designed to identify the building and provide helpful directory information for tenants and visitors. OW|EN used a simple typographic style to make the information easy to understand, yet fit in with the aesthetic of an old industrial building with over 100 years of history.


Services Provided:
Design & Development, Project Management, Production Management, Installation

19 Elm Street, Buffalo, New York

Trettel Properties

The frosted white vinyl business directory in the lobby of the Gutman Building is made up of individual panels, making it easy to update when needed
The floor directory of the Gutman Building was constructed out of white vinyl panels, each cut separately to allow for easy removal and replacement

The letters were cut out of frosted white vinyl that was face-mounted to both the entranceway and the building’s vestibule. The light color contrasts with the dark interior of the entranceway for easy readability. The overall size of the vinyl applique was 24” x 30,” but comprised of separate horizontal strips for each tenant. This would allow us to remove or update the listing for a single tenant at a later date, with no need to reproduce the entire sign.

OW|EN designed a steel and aluminum blade sign for the exterior of the Gutman Building, which lets the building and tenant info to be seen from the street

OW|EN designed a concept and mock-up for the main sign for the building as a 42” x 65” steel and aluminum blade sign that projects from its side. With a Duronic Bronze finish and vintage bold fasteners, it fits within the factory building aesthetic but is still noticeable from the street. Highlighted with an illuminated cabinet on top to house the building name and address, the tenant panels below (detailed with reflective white lettering) can be easily removed and replaced.

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